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Barn Cats Program

Our barn cat program is another off branch of our Trap Neuter Return. Though we DO NOT have a shelter or holding facility for cats, occasionally we can put cats into our foster program while they wait for their new home. Because of this we can only pull 1 or 2 cats off any property at a time; all others will be on our waiting list until the right home turns up for them. This can be a long and lengthy process. We highly recommend completion of a TNR program before requesting the removal of cats.

Occasionally, we come across cats in our TNR sites that would be perfect candidates for barn homes.

Do you have some property and a desire to help cats? Or a need for natural rodent control on your property? We might have the perfect solutions for you!

Apply today for a barn cat, backyard buddy, porch cat, etc!

Please note: Most cats eligible for the barn cat program are feral cats, cats that are accustomed to a life outdoors. They will leave you to your business and they will tend to their business (catching mice and being awesome).

Our Relocation Process

Apply online via the link at the bottom of this page, but please read about our process first to make sure this program is right for you. If the online application process is a not an option for you, please call us and we can start the process over the phone. 707-969-7781.

We require a property visit before placing cats. This takes roughly 10 or 15 minutes so we can see you are who you say you are and come up with a placement plan.

It is ideal if you have a barn, shed, greenhouse, sun room, or other space where the cats can start out in and make their safe space long term.

We will set up an acclimation pen in the designated space. The pen will be equipped with hide-a-way beds, food, and a litter box.